Chronic Bladder Pain Syndrome


This project is now concluded because we have exhausted all our funding for Dr Volikova. We will maintain the presence of the website and, if she is inclined, Dr Volikova will informally monitor the forum and may choose to reply to questions posted there.

We estimate that it will require funding of $200,000 to continue the project because there will be some start-up time and costs related to administration of recommencement. If the funding becomes available and then we will contact anybody who wishes to participate in the second half of the study which is currently on indefinite hold.



To evaluate the current knowledge about IC-BPS (Interstitial Cystitis Bladder Pain Syndrome), establish baseline measurements in normal persons and then find abnormalities in patients which might generate hypotheses, suggest causes and ultimately result in a cure.

Our research group greatly appreciates the financial support from our sponsors for our first project and website launch this year. Thanks to their generous contribution, we are able to begin this project and provide research and support to a field that has been largely neglected.

Barry Marshall: Nobel Laureate in Medicine, 2005
With Drs. Antonina Volikova, Rob Goodwin and Jessica Yin
Perth, Western Australia, November 2015

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