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Annual American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine


Dr Antonina Volikova attended the 2016 Annual American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine conference in New York.

Every year the leading manufacturers of ultrasound machines showcase their newest models and developments to the medical professionals from around the world. In March this year I had the privilege to attend the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine Conference held in New York and was given a glimpse into the future of ultrasound medicine.

I thoroughly investigated the Exhibition Hall at the conference, discovering more than 50 innovative products and services that are coming to the market. I met with a number of representatives from the major industry suppliers and discussed the requirements of our project and had a chance to compare a number of different machines and how they could be applied to our research.

The conference was also a chance to network and meet some of the world’s most prominent medical professionals including professionals from Australia such as Prof Hans Peter Dietz from NSW and the Directors of Ultrasound Training Solutions from Victoria.

After the conference, Prof Dietz and I were invited to visit one of New York’s private radiology practices where we had the opportunity to explore the front line radiology equipment in use and their best practices. I have to admit: it was a very awe-inspiring experience and filled me with great new ideas on how to take our project to an even higher level.

I attended several ultrasound courses, including interventional procedures, that presented alternative points of view, new ideas and trends in modern ultrasound – some of which we will be adopting in our research to enhance our data gathering techniques as well as making some of our existing procedures more efficient.

Attending this event reminded me about the importance of networking and being active in the medical community. I was lucky to have had several “hallway conversations” with leading researchers, scientists and radiology specialists to promote our research as well as hear their thoughts and suggestions.

I feel confident that with the support we have already received from the manufacturers, medical professionals, and interested parties as a result of the trip, our research will advance to new levels.

As always, I thank the members and contributors here in Australia and overseas for their generous donations and support.

Dr. Antonina Volikova

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